Here are Some Facts about the University of Pittsburgh

Personal Injury Attorney in PittsburghHere are Some Facts about the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is a college campus located in Pennsylvania, U.S. It’s comprised by the main pus in Pittsburgh with extended branches in Johnstown, Greensburg, Bradford, and Titusville. The Pittsburgh campus is the central location, and it houses a comprehensive research center for higher learning. The campus houses at least sixteen different schools, offering at least 360 different degree programs. The most demanded careers in the institution are medicine, dental practice, law, social work, and engineering.

The Offerings of the UPitt

Since the university offers a quite a few options to undergraduates, graduates, and professional degree programs, their research facilities affiliated with the main campus include learning research as well as access to development centers and the famous Pymatuning Laboratory to study Ecology. The Johnstown campus offers diverse four-year college programs including many liberal arts and sciences as well as engineering curriculum. The branches located in Bradford and Greensburg also offer liberal arts degrees, while the Titusville branch is a junior college. The number of students on any given year is around 31,000.

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The Origins of the University
The first branch of the Pittsburgh University was founded in 1787. It had a three-room schoolhouse, and it was known as Pittsburgh Academy. In 1819 it was transformed into the Western University of Pittsburgh. The School of Medicine of the state was created in 1886, and it joined the university in 1982 and renamed as the Western Pennsylvania Medical College. All the operation was rebranded as the University of Pittsburgh in 1908. The most noticeable building in the main campus is the “Cathedral of Learning,” a 42-story skyscraper with a Gothic build. The most notable alumni of the institution are classic dancer Gene Kelly, and the philanthropist Andrew Mellon. The most famous research to date handled on site is the development of the polio vaccine by Jonas Salk.

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Stories about Facts about UPitt
There is a lot more claim to fame when it comes to the University of Pittsburgh. One of the most famous students is Mark Cuban, entrepreneur star of the show “Shark Tank.” He skipped senior year at high school and went straight to college. He studied for a year before transferring. If you are looking for additional factoids about the buildings on campus, it’s worth noticing how the top section of the Cathedral of Learning illuminates gold with after a victory of the local football team. Speaking about sports, the only mascot of the University is a character named Roc the Panther, the meaning behind this pick is because Panthers once had a dominant presence in Pittsburgh.

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While it doesn’t look like it, The Cathedral of Learning is the second tallest university building in the USA. The building is such a landmark that it has been used as a film location for many movies such as Wonder Boys, Sorority Row, and the Moth Man Prophecies. Gene Kelly enrolled in the University to study economics, but he became fascinated with dancing on the campus, and he went on to become one of the famous ones. The school is also filled with folk stories that are considered a tradition by many locals, the most famous one being a legend about the steps of Heinz Memorial Chapel. It seems that kissing a loved one there will lead to a secure and prosper marriage.

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