Pittsburgh Hit And Run Lawyers

Pittsburgh Hit and Run Lawyers

Pittsburgh Hit and Run LawyersAn accident encompasses various scenarios, including vehicle collisions resulting in damages to vehicles, individuals, and property. In hit-and-run cases, a driver involved in a collision leaves the scene without stopping or providing crucial information mandated by law, such as license number and personal details, and fails to report the incident to the police. This deliberate action disregards informing both the injured party and law enforcement. Hence, it’s imperative that drivers involved in accidents refrain from leaving the scene, as it constitutes a severe offense. Pittsburgh Hit and Run Lawyers specialize in representing accident victims to ensure they receive rightful compensation.

What are the consequences of leaving the accident scene?

Leaving the scene of the accident which is commonly referred to as a “hit and run” is an offense that would make you liable to face criminal charges as well as other consequences depending on the severity of the accident and the damages. When you have caused damage to other’s property and leave the accident scene it is considered as a second-degree misdemeanor that would make you eligible to receive a punishment of up to 60 days in jail and a fine of $500. It is better to hire the services of an attorney when you have caused an accident.

Types of hit and run charges

Before you learn about the types of hit and run accidents, it is indeed important to learn about certain important facts.

  • Hitting a pedestrian, cyclist, or another vehicle and moving off without stopping your vehicle comes under hit and run accidents
  • Hit and run charges are in no way binding on the passengers in the vehicle. It pertains only to the driver of the vehicle.
  • An exception to the above rule is that it is considered appropriate even for the driver of the vehicle in case the situation is such that there might be an explosion or a chance for a fire which might result in further injuries.

The types of hit and run charges that are quite a common include

  • Misdemeanor hit and run charge
  • Felony hit and run charge

Misdemeanor hit and run charge- what does it refer to?

A misdemeanor hit and run charge is no doubt a crime but it is not as severe as that of a felony charge. A misdemeanor charge is said to be applicable when a person leaves the place where the accident occurred. However, when it is following the damage of property only. A common example of a misdemeanor charge is a person pushing off in his car in a parking lot after having hit an unoccupied vehicle in the parking lot.

Felony Hit and Run Charge

This refers to the charge that a person is liable to face when he leaves the scene after having injured a person or even causing the death of the person in an accident. Most of the time bicyclists and pedestrians are victims in the accident. It also applies to a collision between cars in which either the driver or passenger in the other car is injured and the driver of one of the vehicles involved in the collision leaves the scene without stopping.

However, the charges vary across different states and countries.

Penalties for hit and run cases in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a state that adopts a strict policy as far as hit and run cases are concerned unlike in other cases where traffic offenses are involved. Hit and run charges involve heavy penalties as well as life-changing and serious consequences which may include losing your driving privileges as well as undergoing probation. That is why it is important to get in touch with a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer. They would ensure that your rights are protected and help you in defending your case favorably. The right steps that the attorney helps you take immediately after the accident has occurred would go a long way in influencing the outcome of the case and reduce the chance for unfavorable consequences such as serving a jail term, probation, and finding your name in the criminal record. The penalties for people convicted in fatal accidents have been even more severe since September 4, 2012.

Hit and run cases penalties

According to law, the driver of a vehicle irrespective of whether it is an SUV, truck, trailer, van, bus, or motorcycle involved in an accident has to stop and stay at the accident site until medical help arrives. One can leave the site only when they have provided their name, address, the registration number of the vehicle as well as their license number to be considered legal.

In case of failure to abide by the rules they are likely to face penalties which include

  • Fatal hit-and-run cases, upon conviction, may result in prison sentences ranging from one to 10 years. These cases are classified as second-degree felony hit-and-runs, carrying a potential fine of up to $2,500.
  • In case the victim of the accident suffers severe bodily injuries, it is considered a third-degree felony and the driver who caused the accident and fled when convicted would face a minimum imprisonment of 90 days and a fine which would be about $1000

Lawyers for Hit and Run cases

Pittsburgh injury lawyers and law firms help protect the rights of the injured as well as help the drivers who cause an accident using their resources and experience to handle the case in the right way and ensure that you are not charged wrongly. They also ensure that you get the right compensation in case you or your loved ones are injured as a pedestrian, cyclist, or a motorist. When you are a victim of a hit and run accident, your personal lawyer would help you out with the identification of the driver who caused the accident, gather the evidence that would be required to prove the case and fight it out in your favor to get the compensation you deserve.