Pittsburgh Dog Bite Lawyer

Pittsburgh Dog Bite Lawyer

Pittsburgh Dog Bite LawyerThere are about 5 million people in the US who are bitten by dogs each year and half of those who are injured are children that is according to the Centers for Disease Control and statistics. Although Pittsburgh is a town that allows dogs to roam with their owners freely, not all know how to act responsibly.

The figures on cases of dog bites are astonishing as only about 800,00 of these victims seek medical treatment for the wounds, and about 386,000 of them requires emergency medical treatment. About 16 people die each year. However, these figures do not include other effects of animal attacks like psychological trauma.

Although some may treat dog bites as a simple fact of life, they can be severe. Dog bites encompass dogs of any breed. It can be anything from nips to a full-blown attack that leaves a severe injury.

Pittsburgh Dog Bite Attorney on Getting Compensation

You might consider injuries from a dog bite as one-dimensional physical injuries, but the effects of these injuries can be physical and psychological to the victim. There are cases where plastic surgery is needed for the victim to address the bad scarring while others can have emotional trauma because of the scars or some may develop a fear of dogs because of their experience in the attack.

During the case evaluation, the Pittsburg Injury Lawyers will look at every side of the Pennsylvania Dog Law to make sure that you will be receiving the compensation that the Pennsylvania Statute allows. The victims of vicious canines in Pittsburg should consult an expert law firm in dog bite law to get the maximum benefit that is due to them.

What “Dog Bites” Means in Pittsburgh?

The “dog bites” mentioned in the law pertain to the attacks on someone. In Pennsylvania’s Dog Law, a section covers what will happen to the dog which covers the confinement of the dog as stated in section 459-502 of the Pennsylvania Statutes. Furthermore, the statutes mentioned that even though the victim has evaded the possible bite, the articles of the dog bite law still apply because the dog still has the intention to bite the person.

How to Report the Dog Attack or Bite?

The state of Pennsylvania requires its citizens to report any dog bites. There should be a complete report of the attack. It can either be to the State Dog Warden situated in each county.

There may be additional reporting protocols created depending on the cities and counties for legal purposes. Residents of Pittsburgh should report any dog attack at the nearest office of Bureau of Animal Care and Control.

If you are the Victim:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Address
  • Date of attack

If you know the dog or its owner, you can specify the following in the report:

  • Breed
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Color
  • Vaccination history

After reporting, an officer from the bureau or a police officer will make an investigation of the incident.

What will be the Penalties for the Dog?

According to the Pittsburgh Injury Law, the guilty dog must be isolated and quarantined on the property of the dog owner or an assigned location for ten days. When the dog is on the loose but tagged and captured, the owner should claim it at the animal rescue center within ten days. However, even though the owner reclaimed the dog, it should remain in quarantine for 10 days.

A dog that is captured without a tag and is not licensed; the owner needs to claim it from the rescue center within three days. When this reclaiming period lapses, the dog will be euthanized. In another case, if the owner is with the dog during the investigation, the officer will issue a notice to quarantine the dog.

What are the Civil and Criminal Liabilities of the Owner?

There are civil liabilities from dog bites that are unique to Pennsylvania and differ according to the injury of the victim. A severe injury from dog bites, which is defined as resulting in disfigurement that will require cosmetic surgery or multiple sutures from broken bones, the owner will be automatically guilty of negligence and has committed a misdemeanor. The victim can submit a claim equivalent to what is under the Pittsburgh personal injury case.

If the injury is not so severe, the liability of the owner is not instant. In case he can prove that he or she has exercised enough measures to confine the dog, he or she is not negligent. However, because of the bite, it will be enough to categorize the dog as dangerous. In any future incident, the owner will automatically be liable and guilty of a misdemeanor.

Factors to Be Considered When Evaluating Cases that Involves Dog Bite

During the evaluation of cases involving dog bites, the following factors will be considered:

Bills and Medical Care

There are a host of medical complications from a dog bite, including infections. It will also require extensive surgeries to repair the tissue, nerve damage, and muscle. These treatments are all expensive, and even the scarring can alter the physical appearance of the victim.

Psychological and Emotional Trauma

An animal attack can render the victim traumatized or with PTSD. These can manifest as panic reactions or flashbacks when they encounter an animal. It can intensely strain the personal relationships of the victims with people who have pets.

Residual Scarring

Scars from dog attacks can affect the ability of the victim to socialize because they can lower their self-esteem and confidence. Adolescents and children can be victims of teasing or bullying. In addition, it requires costly plastic surgeries to fix these scars.

How Can Pittsburgh Dog Bite Attorney Help?

Many people think that there is little they can do after a dog bite when it comes to asking for compensation from the dog owner for the resulting injuries.

Pittsburgh dog bite attorney is committed to defending your rights and taking the necessary steps to hold the owner responsible for what happened. We have experience in prosecuting dog bite cases from all over Pittsburgh.

We accept dog bite cases for free and will collect only after you have secured the compensation. You can come to the office for a free consultation you will pay nothing if there is no financial recovery.