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 Surgery Lawyers PittsburghSurgery is a medical procedure that is supposed to make the patient get better. However, sometimes, a patient can come out of operation in a worse physical state than when he or she entered the operating room because something went wrong while the doctor is operating. This injury may be damage to another organ, operating the wrong body part or trauma caused by the surgical instrument.

This is a clear case of surgery error, and often, these injuries and errors are committed because the doctor is not paying attention during operation. Such mistakes should not happen because the surgeon has to make the patient better. Unfortunately, these things do happen, and many patients suffered an injury at the hands of the surgeon, and these injuries can be life-threatening or life-altering.

If you or your loved ones have been a victim of surgical errors or amputation injuries, you can count on Pittsburgh Surgical Errors Lawyer to represent you. These lawyers have many years of experience representing many victims in Pittsburgh and other areas in Pennsylvania. People who were injured because of avoidable errors during their surgery can file for damages. But you need a powerful lawsuit and aggressive lawyers to get complete compensation for your injury.

Surgical Errors

The only people who know what happened inside the operating room are the doctors and the nurses, and therefore, they will not say anything if something went wrong. The lawyers will have to play an important role to determine what happened.

Preventable mistakes can occur before, during, or after surgery and can have devastating effects on the patient. Some common examples of surgical errors that warrant a case:

Perforation of the surrounding organs, muscle or tissue that can lead to severe infection and other injuries like paralysis, nerve damage and even brain damage

  • Errors in administering anesthesia which can lead to coma, oxygen deprivation and death
  • Leaving surgical instruments inside the patient’s body which can cause severe infection, bleeding, and perforations
  • Improper engagement of breathing tubes that can cause death or permanent brain damage
  • Blood clots or deep vein thrombosis

Mistakes can also happen when the surgeon did not read the medical or surgical chart correctly, and as a consequence, has operated on the wrong body part.

Amputation Injuries

Amputation is one surgical method performed for thousands of years. It may seem simple on the surface by the procedure is actually quite complicated. Before amputation is done, the health care professional must consider the ramifications of the process and as much as possible look for an alternative method. If there is no other way to save the patient, the procedure is performed with much precision and skill so that the patient will not experience unexpected medical issues or side effects after the procedure.

For those who have their legs amputated and is suffering from negative consequences because of the procedure, they are entitled to compensation under the Pennsylvania medical malpractice law. To evaluate the claim, you need the assistance of a Pittsburgh amputation

Damages for Wrongful Amputation in Pittsburgh

Catastrophic injuries like a loss of limb because of amputation can have a life-altering effect on the patient. He or she can no longer enjoy the same recreational and social activities they used to enjoy. In Pennsylvania, if the treating doctor committed negligence that led to the loss of the limbs, the patient can file a legal claim to the damages. It may include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Wage loss
  • Loss of capacity to earn in the future
  • Suffering and pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of social and recreational enjoyment
  • Humiliation
  • And many more

The judgment depends on the egregiousness of the dependent’s conduct; if the contact is willful or malicious, the court can even give additional punitive damages that can increase the original compensatory amount for the damages.

Medical Negligence Causing Improper or Unnecessary Amputation

Although many doctors will try their best to make their patient well, they can also make mistakes that can have a life-changing effect on the patient. The patient too is in a vulnerable position because he or she has to make a decision even if they have no training in this area. In Pennsylvania, physicians may use their expertise in the field to badger the patient into agreeing with the amputation even if there are alternatives to it.

If you are in this situation, you need to get multiple opinions from other experts in the medical field and that you make a consultation with a qualified attorney to make sure that your rights are not violated.

Amputations may be medically necessary in cases like poor circulation, serious crash injuries, cancerous tumors, frostbite or infection. In cases where the doctor did not perform his job well, and the result will be amputation, the victim can file for a medical malpractice claim.

Some common reasons for filing a wrongful amputation claim include:

  • Failure to treat or diagnose a peripheral artery disease that results in amputation
  • Failure to treat or diagnose diabetes that results in amputation
  • Failure to treat or diagnose bacterial infection resulting in amputation
  • Incorrect charting leading the physician to fail to amputate, wrongfully amputate or overall failure to treat a condition
  • Incorrectly amputating the wrong leg

What Can Pittsburgh Amputation Attorney and Surgical Errors Lawyer Do for You?

No lawyer has the power to turn back the clock and undo the things for you and your family, But the can file a successful lawsuit to reduce the burden you are facing by getting full compensation for all the amputation injuries, damages and everything you have experienced as a result of the injury. These are the mounting medical bills, physical pain, suffering, lost wages, mental anguish, and the loss of a relationship or a loved one.

If you or your loved one is hurt due to surgical errors, you need to choose an aggressive Pittsburgh Amputation Attorney and Surgical Errors Lawyer who will represent you. These are not simple cases because they are filled with technical medical information and complicated law. The medical professionals and their insurance companies will not back down.

Let the amputation attorney and surgical errors lawyer and their firm fight back and help you get due compensation. They have the combined experience in these cases and know the obstacles they need to overcome to get you the justice you deserve.