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Pittsburgh Hotel LawyersPittsburgh may be referred to as a “blue-collar” town, but it is a tourist hub too. It is a friendly town with warm and hardworking people greeting tourists with their smiles and charm. It has a smorgasbord of attractions and activities that tourists can choose from. Their hotels are always fully booked, and it’s no wonder why hotel accidents happen frequently. When someone is injured in one of the hotels because of negligence, a Pittsburgh hotel attorney is ready to help the victims recover compensation.

When we are paying hundreds of dollars for an overnight stay at a luxurious accommodation, we are expecting it to take care of us. Our safety is their priority, and they should provide us with a safe environment. It can be held liable for the hotel’s injuries to the guests and visitors. They can also be held responsible for the negligent acts of the hotel employees. Regardless of where inside the hotel the accident occurred, be it in the swimming pool, parking lot, elevator, lobby, escalator, or any other area within the hotel premises, you are entitled to compensation.

However, getting a claim will not be easy. The hotels are represented by the best defense lawyers from the best firms in Pittsburgh. Because they have the best lawyers, these establishments are also immune to claims that include premises liability.

Duties of the Hotel to Their Guests

The hotel has a general responsibility to maintain a safe environment for its guests. The establishment should also exercise due care in running their hotel business. Under the Premises Liability Law, a hotel guest is considered an invitee. Therefore, the hotel management must routinely inspect its premises for any existing danger and must take the steps necessary to protect their guests from either known or perceived unsafe conditions.

Here are the typical duties of hotels, including resorts:

  • To maintain adequate lighting in all its access areas
  • To repair any defects in the premises that will make it unsafe for the guests
  • To restrict insect infestations
  • To avoid theft and crimes by maintaining proper security
  • To train its staff in preventing injuries
  • Maintain all the stairs and elevators
  • Keep the locks in all the rooms in proper condition

Common Types of Hotel Injuries

Because hotels have the legal to keep their properties in a safe condition at all times, they can be held liable for personal injuries if they fail to do that duty.

In Pittsburgh, here are some of the most common cause of hotel injuries:

  • Accidentally slipping and falling because the unsafe condition is fixed
  • Criminal assault on the guest due to improper security, lack of security guards, and inadequate lighting inside the hotel
  • Accidental drowning in the hotel’s pool because there is no lifeguard or the lifeguard is not trained properly
  • Accidents in the elevators and stairwells
  • Insect infestation like bed bugs

Not all accidents inside the hotel property can be blamed on the hotel, and you cannot hold them liable for all of them either. However, there are certain circumstances for they are legally responsible. According to Pittsburgh Hotel Lawyers, it is only possible to file a hotel negligence lawsuit (which is under the premises liability law) when you can prove that you have suffered these injuries because the hotel has failed to fix the condition or notify its guests of the potential hazards.

What are the Steps to Take When You Have a Hotel Injury?

The last thing you need when you check in to a hotel is to get injured. But since accidents are unavoidable sometimes they can be avoidable and should have never happened. When you are injured inside the hotel properties, you need to take the necessary action. One way to do that is to call the best hotel accident attorney in Pittsburgh to find out if you can get the justice and compensation that you deserve.

Before calling the lawyer, here are the necessary you need to do to take care of yourself.

Step 1. Get medical care. You can call 911 or ask for medical assistance. Let a medical professional do the necessary checkup. If you are injured, listen to the doctor’s instructions. Don’t forget to collect the paperwork as it will be used by the hotel accident lawyer later.

Step 2. Ask for the security or manager of the hotel and file a report. Although the hotels have no legal duty to make a report about the incident, this is generally included in their risk management policies.

Step 3. Ask for a copy of the report. Make sure to secure a copy of the report that you will share with your hotel accident lawyer.

Step 4. Locate and identify if there is any potential witness. Rely on the kindness of the witnesses.

Step 5. Look for footage from the hotel’s surveillance cameras.

Step 6. Photos and videos are also valuable. Collect accurate photographs and videos after your hotel accident and injury. These can be relevant evidence you can provide to your lawyer.

How to Prove the Hotel’s Negligence

The guests of any resorts and hotels in Pittsburgh have the right to expect that their health and safety are of the utmost concern of these properties. Under the Pittsburgh premises liability laws, there are many elements necessary to prove a legal claim against a resort, hotel, motel, and other similar facilities, they are:

  • The hotel or facility must be aware that there is a hazardous condition on their premises.
  • The hotel or facility did not fix the dangerous condition, which caused the injury or wrongful death.

If the lawsuit filed against the hotel is successful, the guest (victim) may get compensated for the damages that are related to the accident. These may include their medical bills, compensation for the suffering and pain, and lost wages.

Get the Help You Need from Pittsburgh Hotel Lawyers

If you are a victim of an accident in a hotel in Pittsburgh, the priority is getting medical help. Once you have seen a doctor, you must notify the manager or the security officer of the incident. You must also contact a Pittsburgh Hotel Lawyer as soon as you can to protect your legal rights in the Pennsylvania premises liability laws.