Do I Need a Lawyer For a Car Accident?

Car Accident

Car accident lawyers assist in legal proceedings concerning a car crash. When a vehicle collides with the other one, destruction takes place. That destruction is known as an accident or a crash. Most of the time, such crashes are just unavoidable. Every day thousands of car accidents take place in the world. Many people lose their precious lives in such harmful accidents. Along with the injuries and fatalities, the damage to properties also takes place. 

Car accidents are common across the globe. Around 1.5 million deaths were recorded in 2018 due to traffic accidents. The rate of such dreadful incidents is just increasing.

Why Car Accidents Take Place:

Car accidents do not take place intentionally; many reasons lead to such circumstances, such as:

  • SPEED:

Each vehicle is prescribed to adopt a specific speed when on roads. Whenever that speed is compromised, mishaps on the roads take place. Over-speeding is life-threatening.


For a driver, it is a social obligation to be attentive while driving because they can put at risk the lives of others. Most of the time, the driver’s attention gets diverted and this leads to serious injuries and casualties.


Rash driving results in unimaginable crashes and loss. Youngsters usually lose their lives because of accidents caused by rash driving.


Rules and regulations are designed for the safety of the people. Whenever these rules are violated on the roads, they lead to vehicle collisions.


Sometimes rainy and foggy weather also results in many accidents and injuries.


The maintenance of cars and other vehicles is very important. Many times brake failure, tire blowouts, and other malfunctionings lead to serious and dreadful accidents.


The one who drives is responsible because a single mistake can result in life-harming consequences. Car accidents occur when people driving on the roads are not aware of their surroundings. Many animals and people get injured because of irresponsible driving.

Why One Needs a Car Accident Lawyer:

A car accident attorney is the one who guides the parties involved in accidents. They help the victims and culprits in legal procedures. The lawyer helps you file a lawsuit following your interests.

After an accident, there are many negotiations, including the insurance companies. Besides, the person has to file personal injury lawsuits. For this purpose, a lot of time and professional experience is required. Many people do not have much time and practice. So, a car accident lawyer can be a great help. The lawyer will perform all the required legal obligations on behalf of the affected party. They will represent the person in the court in front of the judge and help the affected one in claiming their loss.

Fault Determination in a Car Accident:

The lawyer needs to identify who was at fault in a car accident. For this purpose, he can get help by considering the following points.


Often the accidents take place due to the violation of rules by one party. For instance, violating a traffic light or a sign. In such cases, only one person is at fault, and that is the one who violates the rule. It becomes easier for the lawyer to identify the party at fault and proceed further.


In the case of rear-end collisions, mostly the rear driver is at fault. Sometimes, the lead driver in the accident can be partially responsible because of not indicating brakes at the right time.


Often the damaged vehicle itself clarifies the whole picture. It distinguishes the culprit and the victim.


A police report regarding an accident makes it easier to find out the person at fault and the victim. The police finalize the report after a complete and detailed investigation. So, it is convenient to trust those facts and identify the person at fault. It is usually suitable when an accident involves multiple vehicles.

The lawyer observes all the abovementioned situations and then follows the legal procedure for their client.

Filing Suit for a Minor Car Accident:

One can file a third-party claim against the at-fault party’s insurance company if a minor accident of the vehicle takes place. If one gets only minor injuries that heal in 2-3 days or there is slight damage to the car, then no lawyer is required. In this case, the person himself can settle the loss and insurance claims. If the person is confused and does not know how to proceed then only he can look for legal consultation from an attorney.

Filing a Suit Even If not Injured:

You can sue a person even if you are not physically hurt. But for this purpose, a physical injury suit can not be filed. In this situation, the person can sue the at-fault party for the damages to the vehicle that are not covered under the insurance policy. The lawyer can help in this case by suing the at-fault party on behalf of a third party. They will just require all the related documents, including receipts, rentals and repair bills, etc.

Adjustments for a Car Accident:

Many factors depict the amount of settlement/adjustment.  The lawyer is responsible for considering those factors and then calculate the amount of claim. The person can expect medical expenses, income loss, vehicle damages, other related bills, etc., to get recovered.

The lawyer assists you in receiving all the claims for your damages, whether physical or psychological. Even if the party-at-fault refuses to pay, the lawyer can resort to the law and get them to pay claims .

Hiring a lawyer for legal procedures in a car accident is always recommended. The lawyers usually follow the contingent fee model. Here, they will only demand a fee if the person gets their recovery; otherwise, no fee will be charged.  The fee ranges from 30% to 40% of the recovered amount. So, hiring a lawyer is a recommended solution because there is no chance of any further loss but profits. If you have been a victim in a car accident and seek legal help, contact a Car Accident Lawyer and get the maximum possible compensation for your loss.

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