3 Most Common Brain Injuries

Every day 166 patients lose their lives due to brain injuries. According to statistics of Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Pittsburgh, on average, 61,000 people die every month due to brain injuries. The brain is the most important part of the human body. We can say every other organ is dependent on the brain. Along with it, it is very complicated as well. Brain injuries are very reflexive. Brain injuries and adverse effects cause death in some cases. A person must know about each type of brain injury. It will help in timely treatment. In this article, we will discuss major types of brain injury.

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Two Main Categories of Brain Injuries

There are two main categories of brain injury. One is known as traumatic injury, and the other one is called non-traumatic injury.

Traumatic brain injury affects the working of the brain. It occurs due to a strong blow, shakes, or jolt to the brain. There are 3 most common types of traumatic brain injuries:

Closed Head Injury

It occurs when the brain gets hit with some strong force. The force doesn’t penetrate the skull, but it does cause damage to the brain like brain swelling.


When a sudden shake moves to the head back and forth, it causes a concussion. It affects the proper functioning of the brain—for example, memory, concentration issues, and headache.


Contusion head injury causes bleeding inside the brain. A strong jolt can damage blood vessels in the brain, which causes bleeding inside the skin.

Traumatic Injury Legislation

Traumatic injuries usually come across due to car crashes or people being hit by vehicles. Cases of such types of brain injury were increasing. Due to which the government of every country has defined laws for traumatic injuries in legislation. Lawyers of different law firms fight against criminals for the justice of traumatic injury victims.

Non-Traumatic Brain injury

Non-traumatic injuries include the improper supply of oxygen to the brain, lack of sufficient blood supply, oxygen deprivation, and mental disorders. This is not caused due to external force despite some internal imbalances affecting the working of the brain. For example, cancer is a non-traumatic injury. Non-traumatic injury is also known as acquired injury. Three types of acquired injury are as follows:


Infections in the brain result in brain injury, which can vary from minor to a major level of seriousness.


Stroke is caused due to lack of blood supply to the brain. This is due to a hurdle in the way, which is often known as a clot.


A tumor can cause cancer and other problems due to a lack of proper supply to the brain.

Non-traumatic injury legislation

These types of injuries result due to imbalances of some minerals inside the human body. No external cause is involved in such types of injuries. Due to which no such legislation has been passed by the government for the use of non-traumatic injury lawyers.


Hence, the brain is a multi-functional organ. Damage to only this part can lead to many problems. The brain is considered as a very complex part whose treatment is not 100% fruitful every time.