5 Facts You Should Know Before Visiting Pittsburgh, PA

So, you’re looking forward to a trip to Pittsburgh, PA, and wondering what to expect. Well, here are 5 facts to know about Pittsburgh before you visit!

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1.      Rich Sports History

Pittsburgh is known for its sports teams and history. The city is rich in history and culture in general – but when it comes to sports, Pittsburgh is the king.

The city is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers – one of the NFL’s most popular teams, with a loyal fanbase and long-standing rivalry with the Baltimore Ravens.

2.     The “Paris of America”

The city was founded by French and British people, who named the city after their hometown of Paris, France (hence “Paris of America”). The city’s history dates back to 1788 when it was founded by William Findley and Andrew Carnegie.

3.     Italian-American Cuisine of the Next Level

Pittsburgh is known for its Italian food, especially Italian-American food like pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. But don’t get us wrong. Other food isn’t bad at all! In fact, Pittsburgh is one of the best cities when it comes to food.

Think fresh seafood from local waters or fresh oysters straight from the sea at “Oyster Alley” in South Side Slopes; steaks cooked over an open flame at Prime 112 Steakhouse; gourmet sandwiches created by “Bread and Chocolate” bakery; or homemade pies from “Pizzeria Locale.”

4.     Infrastructural Heart

The city has many parks, including many public beaches along the Allegheny River near downtown Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is also known as the Steel City as it has 300+ businesses related to steel, and the City of Bridges as it has 446 bridges (wow!). There are over 100 miles of bike trails in Pittsburgh too, and incidentally, it is also one of the most walkable cities in the US.

They are huge on infrastructure – whether it’s the raw materials used worldwide or the stuff that’s made with those raw materials.

5.     Legal System’s Nuances

Pennsylvania has one of the more advanced legal systems in the US. Pittsburg, being a populous city with a lot of industrialization, is also a brewing ground for accidents – and personal injuries are common among them.

It’s very possible to find yourself injured anywhere. And things become harder when it happens out of state. A Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer can help you have a remarkably better case in court.

Lawyers are important. Before the judges, you need your best claims, evidence, and recounting – and a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer can help you have exactly that. Attorneys from reputable law firms can cut down the time you spend in court or collecting evidence.


There’s a lot to do and see in Pittsburgh. It’s a great city and one of the best places to be in the US. The steel city with nearly 450 bridges is home to some of the best things America has to offer. Have a great time in Pittsburgh and remember – in case you get into some problems then get a law firm to represent you. An attorney can be a huge help to have success in court.

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