Can You Sue for the Wrongful Death of a Pet?

Injuring or killing a pet such as a dog on purpose or through negligence is a punishable offense. You can file a civil lawsuit against the person in question. If you are in Pittsburgh, hiring an experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer will allow you to develop a solid case against any perpetrator.

Pittsburgh Personal Injury attorney

Lawyers and attorneys would recommend you collect as much proof as possible if you suspect wrongdoing or malicious intent. In case it was an act of negligence, chances are fewer that you would be able to develop a strong case, but you can still file for financial compensation, of course.

Note that just about any law firm or attorney will not suffice. You need someone with experience in personal injury law matters. Better yet, someone with experience in leading pet-related cases.

A Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer from Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers, P.C. will help you to be eligible for financial compensation. The exact compensation will depend on a variety of factors.

Any lawyer will tell you that law firms operate for the client’s financial compensation. They will help you get the most out of your loss or damage. The death of or injury to a pet is a heartbreaking affair, and courts understand that.

Whether your companion was feline, canine, or something else – a lawyer can help you navigate these troubled waters and exact the fair price of any wrongdoing.

The wrongful death of pets without malicious intent might be a tad bit harder to be compensated for. Acts of negligence, however, can be held to severe contempt if it was the duty of the perpetrator to protect or care for your pet, and they failed to do so.

Any signed agreement or document you had that explains any such arrangement would be of great import. Furnish all details and such documents to your lawyer, and they will help you get justice for the wrongful death of your pet.

Things To Keep In Mind

The law isn’t always what you would call clear. There are ways in which you might not be eligible for any compensation or, worse yet, to even mount a case on someone.

Let’s look at some key aspects to keep in the back of your mind as you prepare for battling it out in the courts.

  1. If a car ran over your pet while the dog was not in your control, then the driver is not responsible for the death of your pet. On the contrary, if the vehicle or property was damaged, it’s now your responsibility to pay up for the damages.
  2. The owner or keeper of a pet is strictly responsible for any damage caused by the pet regardless of whether it was due to negligence or not.
  3. Many states have laws that allow killing pets and animals regardless of their ownership status if they are attacking or harassing their livestock.
  4. Lastly, self-defense can also be a valid counterargument in which case you will need a criminal attorney rather than a personal injury one.