Mass Tort Injury: What Is It and How Does It Happen?

Mass Tort

A lot of people have heard about class action lawsuits, but very few of them know about mass tort litigation. Mass tort litigation is somewhat similar to class action lawsuits. A mass tort is wrongdoing committed by a person that results in harm or injury.

Common Types of Mass Tort Lawsuits

Agricultural Torts

When companies that offer agricultural products commit a tort that leads to injury of farms, the affected farmers can file for a mass tort lawsuit to receive the right compensation they deserve for their loss.

Defective Medical Device Torts

When a piece of medical equipment is found to be defective and caused harm to patients, they should bring a mass tort lawsuit in order to pursue compensation for their pain and suffering. Manufacturers of drugs and medical devices are responsible for ensuring that their products are safe and must explain the benefits of their products to consumers and continue to test their products. Common examples of medical device torts include defective hip replacements and transvaginal mesh.

Mass Toxic Torts

When a group of plaintiffs claims that exposure to dangerous substances or toxin caused an injury or disease. These cases are quite tricky. Workplace exposure, home exposure, environmental exposure, pharmaceutical drugs, and consumer products are some of the most common toxic torts. The common substances involved in toxic torts are pesticides, benzene, mercury, silica, dioxins, asbestos, lead-based paint, and industrial chemicals. And a few common diseases that may be claimed in toxic tort litigation include Asbestosis, Leukemia, Silicosis, Multiple myeloma, Lymphoma, Hodgkins and Mesothelioma.

Product Liability Tort

The plaintiffs need to prove that the product was defective in product liability lawsuits. This type of mass tort litigation is also referred to as tortious misrepresentation. These legal cases often take a long time. If you have suffered massive damage due to a defective product, you need to go for a mass tort lawsuit to receive compensation for your injuries. Common examples of product torts include defective airbags or children’s toys.

Mass Tort LitigationHave you been harmed by a dangerous drug or a defective medical device? Mass tort litigation is brought against the manufacturers of dangerous drugs and medical devices for wrongdoing. It is advisable to speak to a professional mass tort law firm, attorney or lawyer to get the right compensation you deserve for your suffering. A professional Pittsburgh injury lawyer will help you get the legal support in this matter. Contact us today for a free consultation!



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