Pittsburgh First Inventions


In addition to its work with steel, Pittsburgh is known for a lot of other things. Among the things that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been known for Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine, the first gas station and movie theatre, and the first smiley face emoticon Pittsburgh has written itself into the history books a lot, going back to when our beautiful city was firstborn. These words are from the text. Some of the things made in Pittsburgh have saved lives, and some of them have become cultural symbols.

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First Invention From Pittsburgh

The Vaccine For Polio

History was made when Dr. Jonas Salk made a vaccine for the virus that killed many people in 1955 while working as a research scientist at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

The Smiley Emoticons

When you send a text message with the smiley face emoticon, it looks like you. With the ever-growing world of digital communication, sometimes it can be hard to get the full picture. Thanks to Scott E. Fahlman, a professor at Carnegie Mellon, we can now add a smiley face to emails, texts, and even amusement blogs.

Big Mac Burger

Some people think of the Big Mac as an important part of culture because there are now golden entrances all over the globe. Jim Delligatti, who lives in Pittsburgh and owns a McDonald’s franchise, came up with the burger.

Mr. Yuk Stickers

People who grew up with Mr. Yuk stickers on the products that were dangerous under their bathroom and kitchen sinks are likely to remember this. That’s right, the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is to blame for Mr. Yuk. The sticker was first put out there in 1971.

Heinz Ketchup

Everybody’s favorite ketchup, Heinz, was born in Pittsburgh in 1869, and now it’s sold all over the world. As of today, it’s still the most popular ketchup in the country, even though it isn’t made in Pittsburgh anymore!

The Movie Theatre

When John P. Harris and Harry Davis opened a shopfront on Smithfield Street in downtown Pittsburgh in 1905, it was a big deal for Pittsburgh. There was a place called the Nickelodeon, and they charged five cents for viewers to watch a 10-minute movie called The Great Train Robbery, which starred George Barnes. The theatre had about 100 seats, a melody, and a presented screen. As soon as a few months went by, there were more than a dozen of these theatres in Pittsburgh.

Two years later, there were a large number of these theatres across the country—chances of getting always injured present at these types of places.

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The Stadium for Baseball

Baseball has been around for a long time. Abner Doubleday invented the game in Cooperstown, New York, in 1846. However, it wasn’t until 1909 that the rest of the world saw it in a stadium setting. It was a new ballpark, Forbes Field, that the Pittsburgh Pirates opened that season. It was in an eastern of the city called Oakland. All-steel and concrete: The stadium was the very first all-steel and cement stadium in the U.S. It had a three-tier pavilion and super deluxe, stairways, stairs, and elevators. It also had one of the most wonderful surroundings of any ballpark ever built.

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Final Words

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