Questions You Should Ask a Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction work is complex and demanding in equal measure. On the job site, handling large machinery, dangerous goods, or working at heights enhance the chance of accidents. Construction had a higher injury rate than all other industries combined, at 112.3 injuries per 10,000 workers, according to the Institute for Infrastructure Training and Research.

You might need to contact a construction injury attorney immediately if you sustain injuries in an accident on the job site. Your odds of successfully negotiating a workplace injury claim increase if you hire a personal injury lawyer. Before hiring a law firm, you might need to research them and speak with potential candidates.

Pittsburgh Construction Accident attorney

Five Important Questions

Before selecting a construction injury lawyer, make sure to ask them these five crucial questions.

1.     How long have you been an attorney, and what proportion of your cases involve construction accidents?

  • You might want the services of seasoned personal injury lawyers with a track record of success in this area of law.
  • An experienced construction injury attorney is knowledgeable about worker’s compensation laws in the area and workplace safety standards.
  • You must locate a lawyer who focuses on construction accident cases. How many cases like yours have they previously resolved successfully?

2.     What Are My Case’s Strengths and Weaknesses?

  • The initial consultation can be used to assess your claim quickly. The question forces the construction accident attorney to evaluate the merits and deficiencies of the defenses.
  • Although no personal injury attorney can promise a particular result in a case, a brief review of the facts and supporting documentation can help you develop a preliminary assessment of your claim.

3.     Do You Have Experience with Both Trials and Out-of-Court Settlements?

  • Before a jury or judge, 96% of injury cases are settled. You might need a skilled negotiator on your side to make sure you get compensated fairly for any damage you suffer.
  • Your claim filing may become more challenging due to the accident’s circumstances. Experience in trials and out-of-court agreements guarantees your issue is resolved favorably. ‍


4.     What Caseload Do You Have Right Now?

  • You might need to be sure that the structural injury attorney you choose will be available to represent you during the complaint filing and litigation procedure properly.
  • Partners, associates, attorneys, and paralegals from several law firms may all be allocated to your case. If the lawyer you encounter will be handling the case, you might need to find out.
  • Tell the attorney if you have got a particular choice.

5.     What is your fee schedule?

  • The costs of hiring a construction injury attorney may need to be considered before you decide to settle.
  • Ask the host to cater for any other costs that may arise. The majority of construction accident lawyers operate on a conditional basis.
  • It implies that they only receive a portion of your compensation and are not paid until you are. ‍‍

You can better grasp your legal options and pursue just compensation by hiring a Pittsburgh construction accident lawyer. Contact a Pittsburgh construction accident lawyer if you need legal support after being injured in a construction accident. We are delighted to answer any questions you might have about the case.

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