Top 5 Causes of Construction Injuries

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Some may claim that it is an essential part of the job, the fact is that nobody should be forced to work in dangerous situations. Construction companies and builders regularly fail to meet their obligations to their workers, neglecting to provide appropriate protective equipment, instruction, and other safeguards to minimize unnecessary occupational accidents and fatalities.

Falling occurrences are unfortunately common in the construction workplace, especially among construction workers, who are frequently required to operate at elevated heights and with temporary scaffolding. Workers’ compensation benefits may be available if a construction worker is injured on the job as a result of a risky construction site. These benefits may provide financial stability for injured workers who are unable to return to work right away during a period of uncertainty.


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Construction accident attorneys in Pittsburgh have prepared the top 5 causes of construction injuries.

Top 5 Causes of Construction Injuries

While construction sites are inherently dangerous, there are various scenarios when neglect or a failure to follow safety practices can compound the dangers. The following are five of the most prevalent causes of workplace falls:

1. Objects Have Struck You

When anything strikes a worker, such as a car, equipment, or falling object, it is the second-leading cause of mortality in the construction industry.

Cranes are involved in a lot of hit-and-run accidents. While moving, raising, or lowering a cargo, a crane might topple, collapse, or strike a person. Crane weights can potentially collapse unexpectedly, crushing anyone beneath them.

2. Electrocution

The most prevalent cause of electrocution-related fatalities in the construction business is contact with live wires. Circuit breakers, control panels, light fixtures, transformers, and subterranean cabling can all have live wires.

Electricians and workers on electricity lines aren’t the only ones who might be harmed. Workers such as laborers, mechanics, HVAC specialists, and roofers may come into touch with overhead or subsurface power wires.

3. Collisions on the Highway

Highway crashes are one of the most common causes of mortality among construction workers who die on the job. Vehicle incidents can also result in major non-fatal injuries, which can result in significant financial losses for employees and their families.

4. Accidentally caught in the middle of or between accidents

Construction workers becoming stuck in or between a machine or piece of debris is one of the most common lethal construction accidents. Accidents involving the wounded victim being caught, squashed, squeezed, pinched, or compressed between two or more items can occur anywhere. Mobile machinery rollovers and cave-ins from uncovered trenches are examples of such accidents.

5. Accidents involving ladders.

One of the most common causes of injury and long-term impairment is this. The majority of ladder incidents, including falls, occur when employees utilize the incorrect sort of ladder for the task or put up the ladder incorrectly, possibly on a slick or unstable surface, and the ladder moves or slips suddenly. Workers may potentially lose their balance or overreach as a result of a foot slide. Ladders may also be damaged or in need of repair.

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