Your Guide to the History of the Pittsburgh Pirates

If this is your first time coming across the title of this article, well, it is not about the climax of pirates attacking or robbing a ship. The term Pittsburgh Pirates is a unique title used for the popular and professional American baseball team representing Pittsburgh. Yes, you read that right! The team is also well-known as the “Bucs” and it also happens to be one of the oldest baseball teams. If this has got you intrigued, you should not miss knowing more about this team.

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How Did the Team Get Its Name?

The team was formed in 1882, and it was originally called the Pittsburgh Alleghenys. It began playing baseball in the American Association but shifted its focus to National League (NL) five years later i.e. in 1887. Interestingly, the Alleghenys got accused of stealing skilled baseball players from other teams. The officials of the National League took the matter seriously and reaffirmed this accusation. Soon, the news spread like wildfire that the Alleghenys are behaving ‘piratical’ to rob talented players from rival teams. This is when the ball club decided to rename its name and officially call it ‘the Pirates’ from 1891.

The Achievements of Unbeatable Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates was such a phenomenal team and clinched several championships winningly. It is also a five-time winner of the Baseball World Series. The Pittsburgh Pirates won the title in 1909, 1925, 1960, 1971, and 1979. Johannes Peter “Honus” Wagner is one of the most illustrious players on this team. He was an American baseball shortstop and dedicated his life to playing 21 seasons in Major League Baseball from 1897 to 1917 for this team. Wagner grabbed eight batting titles and made it to the Baseball Hall of Fame giving the Pirates three straight pennants by the 20th century.

The Lows of the Pittsburgh Pirates

After embracing the name “Pirates”, the team had a good start at winning the series in 1909. However, it could not bring back the winning title until 1925. Things again went downhill, and there was no winning moment in the World Series till 1960. Shifting from Forbes Field to Three Rivers Stadium proved to be the changing point as the team again started winning. However, the 2009 tournament added to the 17th lost match consecutively.

The team is now catching up again and trying to bring back more titles. Its winning and losing streak keeps breaking each other. However, the good point is that the team is still in existence despite having a crucially adverse phase.

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