Types of Injuries in Car Accidents

After an injury in a car accident, you will need to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer to file a compensation claim. The monetary damages granted are intended to repay you for your suffering and help you return to normal life.

The number of road fatalities in Pennsylvania increased between 2017 and 2018, owing to a rise in pedestrian collisions, drunk driving, and senior driver accidents. In 2018, a 34% rise in pedestrians hit and killed by cars, bringing the total number of fatalities from 150 to 201. The senior age group of 65 to 74-year-olds had a rise in deaths from 124 to 188. The senior age group of 65 to 74-year-olds had a rise in deaths from 124 to 188.

This blog post by Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers lists the most frequent kinds of automobile accident injuries in Pennsylvania and how to prevent them. Injuries sustained by drivers and pedestrians vary from mild to devastating, and in some cases, deadly. In general, car-related injuries have two groups:

  • Injuries caused by impact; and
  • Injuries that are penetrating

Penetrating injuries are caused by items that pierce a person’s body (for example, broken glass or lose debris from a truck’s load). Impact injuries, on the other hand, occur when a person’s body collides with a component of the vehicle 

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Most Common Types of Car Accident Injuries:

A car accident may cause severe damage to any area of the body. Specific injuries, however, are more common than others. Some of the most frequent automobile accident injuries are listed below.

  • Brain Injuries:

Head or brain injuries may take various forms, some of which are mild and others severe. When a vehicle suddenly stops or changes course, the passengers’ heads frequently shift unexpectedly and in an unnatural way. It may result in neck and back muscular problems. More severe collisions may result in a traumatic head injury.  The fluid and tissue within the skull are injured because of the abrupt movement or impact on the head. Concussions are common in less severe head injuries, but the most severe blows may induce brain damage.

  • Whiplash:

Whiplash is a term used to describe muscle, ligament, and tendon damage that may occur in a vehicle collision. When you are involved in a car accident, your body typically reacts quickly and quicker than it would on its own. This kind of stress may pull muscles and tissues without causing bone fractures. Whiplash may be very unpleasant, and it can take a long time to recover.

  • Internal Bleeding:

While it is normal to sustain wounds in an accident, it is also not uncommon to get internal bleeding. Internal bleeding may be hazardous, mainly if it is not treated as soon as possible after the accident. Except in the mildest of incidents, it is critical to seek medical care immediately. If you suspect that you have experienced internal bleeding, you must get immediate medical attention to ensure that you do not have life-threatening injuries.

  • Injuries to the chest, arms, and legs:

Another frequent kind of damage suffered by a crash victim is a chest injury. There is little space for movement while driving behind the steering wheel, which may cause injury if the body is forced up against the wheel with a significant impact. In the case of a collision, the body may be thrown against the steering wheel if the person collides with anything head-on.

Depending on the severity of the contact with the wheel, the victim may suffer from bruising, fractured ribs, and other internal injuries. Furthermore, the arms and legs may be thrown into a vehicle door or steering wheel, resulting in scratches, bruises, fractured bones, or severe internal injury.

  • Knee Injuries:

The rapid force of a collision may compel your knees to collide with the dashboard. It may result in ligament and kneecap discomfort. Braces, crutches, or surgery may be required to reconstruct your knee and repair any damage. Knees are complex, and knee injuries may be excruciating. Knee injuries in a car accident are particularly aggravating since they may make walking difficult.

  • Fractured Ribs:

Ribs are delicate. Even a minor or moderate impact may cause ribs to fracture. Broken ribs may occur in a car accident if you are forced forward, backward, or sideways by the impact of the collision. Broken ribs may be very painful and need extended periods of rest.

  • Broken Bones:

Car accidents may cause massive levels of force to be applied to your body. When the force is more significant than your bones can withstand, they shatter. Broken bones are often very painful and may take a while to recover. The kind of fractured bone determines how quickly you recover. Simple fractures and complex fractures are the two types.

  • Stress Disorder:

Not all automobile accidents result in bodily harm. A car accident may lead you to suffer from mental health difficulties. You may have post-traumatic stress disorder, and ordinary activities may become frightening, if not impossible. You may be eligible to recoup for your mental healthcare and emotional distress after a car accident.

  • Injuries to the Spinal Cord:

A herniated disc develops when the spine moves out of position or bursts due to mild spinal cord injury. Severe spinal cord damage may cause paralysis.

What Should You Do If Injured in a Car Accident?

Following a car accident, it is critical to remain calm so and follow these steps:

  • Please make sure you’re safe, then check on everyone else involved to ensure they’re fine.
  • Examine for injuries
  • Dial 911.
  • If possible, gather proof and contact details
  • Make contact with your insurance provider.
  • Contact the car accident attorneys.

How Can You Prevent Injuries in a Car Accident?

Even though you do not influence other people on the road, you may prevent car accident injuries. First and foremost, always fasten your seatbelt. They do save lives.

Be sure to stick to the speed limit. Crashes involving fast vehicles are frequently much more severe than they could be if drivers had adhered to the speed limit. Finally, maintain your car in good operating condition. Ensuring your vehicle is in excellent working order may help you prevent injuries from accidents caused by mechanical failure.

How can a Car Accident Lawyer Assist you Following a Car Accident?

Working with a competent attorney or a law firm on your injury lawsuit is the best way to obtain the money you need to make a complete recovery if you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident.

They can assist you in documenting your injuries and pursuing financial compensation to get the necessary therapy. Being involved in a car accident is not easy. Your lawyer can assist you in evaluating your case and taking the required measures to react in the best manner possible following an accident. If you have been involved in a car accident and seek legal advice, you can get in touch with Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.

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